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Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Regeneration Therapy in Atlanta

At Atlanta Ortho Stem, we're dedicated to helping you live a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle and ensure you're healing when you experience injuries or are dealing with pain. 

Tissue Regeneration Therapy is also known as TRT, Stem Wave Therapy, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (or ESWT), Acoustic Wave Therapy, or Soft Wave Acoustic TRT. Regardless of what you've heard it called, it's a hugely beneficial treatment and can sometimes help you avoid surgery, live pain-free, or move on to focus on other areas. 

Get common questions about TRT answered, request detailed information, or book your appointment with an experienced provider on our team today.

Meet Our Team

dr sue aery.jpeg

Dr. Sue Aery

Dr. Sue Aery combines her knowledge of the body -- the structural piece, with the organic function of the organs and body systems and the functional piece, to help you and your body achieve your highest health potential.


Using a variety of techniques, she creates a plan that works best for you to achieve and maintain a very dynamic level of health. As a former professional athlete, she understands the process of pain and healing and how to best live a pain-free and healthy life. 

Learn more about her here.

dr miriam croft.jpeg

Dr. Miriam Croft

Dr. Miriam Croft specializes in family wellness care. Having seen the benefits of regular chiropractic care within her own experience during both pregnancies and in her children and family reinforces the importance of taking a proactive versus a reactive approach to health.


It is her goal to help people of all ages attain and maintain optimal function and to support you and your personal health goals. 

Learn more about her here.

dr april kerr.jpeg

Dr. April Kerr

Dr. April Kerr is a chiropractor and clinical kinesiologist dedicated to empowering the community to experience improved health and understanding of their bodies. She was a registered nurse for 8 years prior to becoming a chiropractor. 

Using her unique perspective, she is committed to helping bridge the gap between allopathic (traditional) and holistic medicine.


She has a passion for educating patients to become their own health care advocates to heighten their quality of life. 

Learn more about her here.

non-surgical alternatives to pain manage

Why Atlanta Ortho Stem? 

We combine our decades of experience caring for your body through chiropractic care, kinesiology, and nutrition with a trusted therapy that's over 40 years old to help with tissue regeneration for various areas to help you with a non-surgical alternative to manage and reduce pain.


The orthogold100® device works by stimulating the self-healing mechanism in affected tissue at the cellular and vascular levels. SoftWaves fool the body into thinking an injury has occurred, and we initiate the natural biologic process of repair. 

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