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Learn More About Tissue Regeneration Treatment (Stem Wave Therapy)

With Our FAQs Here

Q: What is Tissue Regeneration Therapy?

TRT (Stem Wave Therapy) has been used for over 40 years to help provide a non-surgical alternative to pain management and pain reduction in various areas and joints. It uses patented, FDA 510(k) cleared unfocused acoustic waves, known as SoftWaves® to produce both positive and negative (Tensile) forces on cells.


Our probe generates waves that affect cells within a two-inch diameter. Though all of the cells in this target area are exposed, only pathologic tissue reacts. 

TRT is also known as Stem Wave Therapy, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (or ESWT), Acoustic Wave Therapy, SoftWave Therapy, Soft Wave Therapy, or Soft Wave Acoustic TRT. 

Q: What are the Benefits of TRT?

TRT (Stem Wave Therapy) uses extracorporeal shock waves, which means it happens outside of the body. So, it's not invasive like surgery. Avoiding surgery for joint pain means that you won't have the recovery period including missing work or other activities. 

Surgery also comes with inherent risks, which regenerative medicine and treatments can help you avoid. Using Stem Wave Therapy doesn't require any anesthesia. 


According to the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, "Shockwave therapy was originally developed to disintegrate urinary stones four decades ago. Since then, there has been remarkable progress regarding the knowledge of its biological and therapeutic effects."


"Its mechanism of action is based on acoustic mechanical waves that act at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels to generate a biological response," adds the Journal.

Q: What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a promising medical field that is used to treat a range of diseases and conditions, including chronic pain. There are a variety of approaches, methods, and therapies to use and one of our experienced, caring providers can help you create your own customized plan to treat and reduce your pain. 


Contact us today to schedule a consultation or get more information about if Tissue Regeneration Therapy (Stem Wave Therapy) might be right for you.

Q: How Do I Know it's Right for Me?

Many experts recommend considering Stem Wave Therapy if you've been experiencing pain for more than six months and you've tried other non-surgical approaches without success -- such as physical therapy and over-the-counter pain 


It's important to address your pain because continuing on with pain in your foot, elbow, hip, or somewhere else is likely to cause further damage. You also may cause yourself other injuries or begin to compensate for the injury. For instance, you may start limping or moving unnaturally to help protect your body part experiencing pain. The extra stress placed on your other foot or body part because of compensating can also cause further pain or damage.

Our trusted providers can help you create a customized plan to help rid you of your pain through regenerative medicine and treatments like Tissue Regeneration Treatment (Stem Wave Therapy).

Q: How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Immediately following treatment, you'll likely see a reduction in pain, swelling, and inflammation. You can expect to experience gradual healing as TRT prompts your body to create new tissue cells in the damaged area.


Total healing may take up to a year, but most patients will start seeing some improvement after about three months. Some patients will also need a second series of treatments after about two to four months.


About four to eight weeks after a patient's first SoftWave treatment, we see up to a 400% increase in blood vessels (small, medium, and large). We also see a corresponding increase in permanent blood supply, which helps fight infections. This means bacteria counts drop dramatically, and biofilms that protect bacteria colonies are destroyed.

Q: What Can I Expect During the Treatment?

Before your appointment, we'll share some tips to help you ensure you maximize the benefits of TRT (Stem Wave Therapy). We'll also walk you through everything before we begin the treatment. 

The machine does make noise while treatment is happening and it takes approximately 15 minutes. It's pain-free and requires no anesthesia. Most patients experience no side effects, however, some may see mild soreness or bruising. 

Q: What Device Do You Use?

Atlanta Ortho Stem uses the OrthoGold100 for Tissue Regeneration Therapy (Stem Wave Therapy). It's a technologically advanced, dependable, and compact device trusted worldwide.


Q: I thought TRT Stood for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. 

Is This Different?

TRT does also sometimes refer to Testosterone Replacement Therapy, but this is a different type of therapy. If you need the other TRT, we're not the right match for you.


However, Tissue Regeneration Therapy has also shown urological benefits such as helping to treat and prevent erectile dysfunction and other urogenital disorders. Contact us to learn more.

Q: Do You Offer Treatments Other Than TRT?


Our talented team spans several areas from chiropractic care to kinesiology to nutritional wellness. We encourage you to learn more about these other areas as well. Just click the topic you're interested in to learn more:


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